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UniPin Aims to Solve Payment Problems for Indonesian Gamers
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UniPin Aims to Solve Payment Problems for Indonesian Gamers

With a staff of about 30 employees, over 100 games on its platform and approximately 3000 monthly active users, UniPin makes paying for online gambling with companies such as M88 Indonesia a lot easier for players in Indonesia. The four-year-old startup has an exclusive partnership with Indomaret, a mini-mart chain, that it established in its first year of operation, giving UniPin a huge draw from their 6000 minimarts across the country where customers can buy UniPin credits.
Interestingly, the cofounders of UniPin uniquely understand the difficulty of buying gaming credits using vouchers in India (which is commonplace) as they are online gamers themselves. Before UniPin came along, cybercafés sold different vouchers from all of the different game publishers and frequently ran out of stock, meaning that getting the correct voucher for the correct game at the correct value was often quite problematic.
By partnering with Indomaret,UniPin has solved the problem by making game credits available at over 6000 mini marts owned by the company all over Indonesia. Instead of physical vouchers, gamers are issued a receipt with unique codes that they simply enter into their account once they get home, effectively removing stocking issues and allowing gamers to buy credits in any amount or value that they wish.
UniPin is even going a step further by working with game publishers to have their payment API plugged into new games on delivery. Once a gamer purchases a new game, they can then purchase credits “in game”, which will solve the problem of having to purchase a unique voucher with every game. Instead, gamers will simply purchase credits through UniPin that will work on all of the games on their platform. This also has the added value of freeing game publishers to do what they do best, which is creating and publishing excellent games.
UniPin is also looking to enable credit purchases through either bank transfers or at an ATM, while of course actively looking for more game publishers to use their new payment platform in their newest games.

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